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Honor 8x Tempered Glass Edge Screen Guard

Honor 8x Tempered Glass Edge Screen Guard | Buy Now

  • Honor 8x 6d Tempered Glass Edge To Edge Full Glue 9H by Doubledicestore
  • Protects your screen from the common signs of daily scratches, dust, scrapes, and wear.
  • Honor 8x Tempered Glass by Doubledicestore
  • Self-adherence rests smoothly with the surface and leaves no residue
  • when Dubaldicstore removes Honor 8x tempered glass
  • A DoubleBestStore Premium Tempered Tempered Glass for Honor 8x, Alcohol Wipes, Microfiber Cloth in Tempered Glass Packing


Honor 8x 6d curved full tempered glass edge to edge full screen coverage screen guard for (black) | Buy Now

6D 9H Tempered Glass with Full Coverage. Specially designed for Honor 8x by Doubledicestore.

Five easy steps to apply the screen protector
Before you begin, make sure to wash your hands and allow them to dry.

Also, choose a clean place to avoid dust or other particles. You can also close your fan if necessary.

Remove your phone cover or an existing screen protector.

What happens if the protector does not align on the screen?

Just remove it quickly from the corner and repeat the application process. Take care

· To place the protector on the sides.

· Do not place the protector on the sticky side.

What if there are bubbles on the screen?

Remove the protector and wipe the screen again with a wipe to remove dust from which bubbles are visible. You can use tape to remove any dust from the video.

Repeat the application process after cleaning.

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