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Milton Thermosteel Optima 420 Milliliters Flask, Steel Plain

Milton Thermosteel Optima Steel 420 ML Plain | Buy Online 

  • The double-walled insulated flask keeps your beverages hot or cold for a long time, inner copper coating for better temperature retention.
  • It is made of a durable 18/8 stainless steel, rust-free, designed to withstand everyday use demands.
  • The lid enables the mug to reduce temperature transfer.
  • The beverages’ flavour and nutritional value remain intact, making the flask a suitable option for storing drinks.
  • This flask makes it perfect for taking you with you on any day-trip or anywhere you go. It is designed to be carried by hand or in the side compartments of your bag for easy access.
  • Special boxes for holding sugar cubes, medicines and more. Ideal for carrying liquids like sambar, curry, soup and lentils
  • Color: Silver, Material: Stainless Steel


Buy Online Milton Thermosteel Optima Flash Steel 420 Milliliters Stainless Plain

Ideal beverage solution, whether you prefer to have your coffee or tea at the office, or a fresh cup of buttermilk or your favourite fruit juice, a Milton Optima thermostable flask is the perfect solution for your beverage consumption. Its compact size makes it a comfortable fit in most office bags and backpacks, adding to its portability feature. Use this flask to carry tea, coffee, fruit juices, lassi and other beverages anywhere.

Unique design with temperature retention A rich steel finish on the outside, the Milton Thermostal Optima Flask helps make a style statement wherever you carry it with you. Insulation ensures that your beverages stay hot or cold for hours for a complete consumption experience. Also, it offers a separate compartment for carrying sugar, medicine or tea bags on the go.

The Milton Thermostel Optima Flask is easy to use, clean and maintain because all you have to do is fill it with your favourite beverage, preferably to maintain the temperature for a more extended period. It is easy to clean because you need to use a mild soap solution and avoid strong detergents to keep it fresh for a long time. To prevent odours that develop over time, keep the flask lid open when not in use.

Colour Silver
Capacity 420 Milliliters
Material Stainless Steel
Item Weight 280 Grams
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